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Practice Speaking and Pronunciation in Dialog Frame

Speaking is the most important part of English because it is used to make a communication. We know that studying English is intended to communicate with other. To make a good response from the other in communication, we must make sure weather our statements or expressions are right so that our purpose can be understood well. It can depend on several aspects. The aspect is like pronunciation, it is very important thing that will influence the understanding of our partner in communication. The steps of dialog frame are, first he provides a certain topic in series of pictures, second he pronounces the expression with gestures and intonation,  then the students have to make a dialog in pairs.

Teacher provides a certain topic in series of pictures. The topic is about expressions.  It allows to the students in focusing the material and also the pictures will help the students to understand clearly related to the expression. The topic also can be explored by the students and apply it in a certain activity.

Pronouncing the expression with gestures and intonation. Gestures have the big role in pronunciation and speaking, because we will never say something with flat expression. The teacher tells the students about what kind of gesture should be used when the students make a conversation. Every expression has the different intonation, so it must be known and it is said correctly. The teacher differs how each word is said.

The students have to make dialog in pairs. This is the part of learning activity that let the student in practicing the materials have done. it means the students must apply the materials in conversation, the topic can be developed by themselves. It can be about daily activity or something they are doing. This speaking practice will make student know more what they have to say and how to say.

So, we can conclude that speaking and pronunciation are the important part of English. Dialog frame is one of teaching way that can be used to teach speaking and pronunciation. It has several steps that can be applied easily in the class activity. It allows to the student know deeper of sense of expression.

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